The C.O.R.E. of Junior Tennis

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If you are going to formulate tennis and life goals this year, it only makes sense to have the plans and tools to reach them successfully. Essential to the pursuit of a satisfying Junior Tennis experience are the C.O.R.E values of Communication, Organization, Relationship and Encouragement. Many people are involved in the development of a Junior Tennis Player – some may never actually meet one another, but still require a reliable method of communication to coordinate their efforts for overall goal achievement.

Cover Memorial School Edition (line margins)   
 is a complete tennis analysis resource designed to establish and support these C.O.R.E. tools for everyone involved in the tennis    training process.

 C = Communication

Using TheTennisOrganizer Charting and Scoring System, critical player and opponent information is now readily available to assist coaches and teaching pros in having more focused instruction time – building on positive match skills and concisely identifying those that can be improved. This system is contained in a very cost effective and user friendly package.

This information fosters rational, productive communication rather than destructive confrontations – discussions are about what’s charted in the book rather than each person’s incomplete or flawed recollection of matches.

This also opens the door for constructive conversations even in those really difficult situations – like in between a disappointing loss and the next round’s match.

It’s much easier to have a consensus between players, parents and teaching pros about evaluating  match performance when TheTennisOrganizer charting details are available.

First and foremost, TheTennisOrganizer is a powerful communication tool!


O = Organization

Being organized is at the heart of tennis training and competition success – without it, chaos can dominate and choke out the pursuit of any and all goals.

TheTennisOrganizer Tournament Planner ensures the achievement of competition goals by listing pertinent information about future tournaments so as not to miss those important entry deadlines – it can happen easily!

The Calendar and Training Diary allows players to be accountable for tracking and evaluating the consistency of their preparation efforts.

Scouting Reports help prepare winning strategic game plans that provide a definite advantage over any opponent.

The Pre-Match Checklist makes it possible to pack with confidence and create a calm travel and competition environment – there’s no worry about leaving behind critical items – from shoes to racquets – and then having the trouble and expense of replacing them. That can cause serious tension between a player and their coach or family member, which then has an adverse effect on competition for the rest of the trip.  (A very simple, but good life lesson to learn!)


R = Relationship

Effective communication skills are a hallmark of good relationships and can even revitalize existing damaged relationships. Coaches often ask parents and players “how the tournament went”, and the response typically lacks the specific data the pro needs to tailor a training program that will improve play and outcomes. TheTennisOrganizer takes this formerly nonproductive relationship and helps establish a productive interaction based on detailed charting and analysis data that everyone learns to value.

TheTennisOrganizer is also a relationship tool because it helps eliminate many face-to-face confrontations as the focus becomes more about game and point statistics. This avoids the arguments that often result when personal opinion and interpretation collide rather than having a simple, clear dialogue about the factual charting information.

Players have even reported that their “excitable” parents are more calm, with less distracting eye contact, gestures and outbursts because they become so involved in the valuable charting they’ve been entrusted to do.

Parents have a better relationship with the coaches and pros as they now have the ability to make a positive contribution to the team effort focused on helping their player.


E = Encouragement

TheTennisOrganizer Charting information is not just a “stick” but also a “carrot”. Factual and meaningful encouragement can be given to your player about the successful aspects of their match play – rather than just useless platitudes or unsubstantiated compliments. Players place a much higher value on this type of encouragement.

Because of the detailed data gathered, it no longer is encouragement based just on match outcomes, but more about a deep sense of satisfaction that comes from managing all those C.O.R.E. skills that produce those outcomes.

These skills will carry over and positively influence any endeavor – whether it’s athletics, academics, personal or work related activities. The life changing value of this encouragement can never be overrated. 

It really is more fun to win as a direct result of improving the overall quality of an individual’s match skill set. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum – plans need to be made and actions implemented to accomplish competition goals. Communication must be effective and consistent to keep everyone moving in a positive coordinated direction. Organization is a key element in successful tournament training and participation. Players have crazy, busy schedules that can be organizational nightmares. Those schedules must be successfully managed and not allowed to become a major hindrance to goal achievement. Relationships need to be nurtured for a more fulfilling and enjoyable competition experience. Encouragement helps create a healthy psyche for the individual player that constant brow beating can never achieve.

We are all acutely aware of how critical the mental condition of a player is in the game of tennis – it’s often the very real difference between winning or losing!

Can all this be accomplished just through a scorebook & organizer? Of course not, but TheTennisOrganizer does help the motivated members of the  training team build and maintain the C.O.R.E. framework that can prevent the “little foxes” from spoiling what can be a very satisfying and successful journey for your Junior Tennis Player!

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