Get Organized & Chart Your Way to Tennis Tournament Success!

Ban Animal Testing Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your tennis game, and that of your opponents, is the foundation for achieving consistent tournament success. You know what kind of grade to expect if you’re not organized and show up for a major exam without bothering to study the textbook. Why should you expect anything more by not charting and not studying the tennis textbook information that can give you all the answers to the next tennis tournament test!

 Charting is recording the types of shots that win or lose points in a game. It is also extremely valuable to chart when and in what situation these shots were made.  Knowing how you  reacted to your opponent’s shot selection and play strategy will help formulate the training regimen and adjustments that will correct past costly errors – both mental and physical. Understanding the psychology of match play can often be even more revealing than observing the physical skill set a player possesses.

 Patterns of play can be identified that can be exploited for your gain, especially when you begin pinpointing your opponent’s specific habits and tendencies – things they don’t even know they do! They will show up at your next match expecting to play the same opponent. However, you will be prepared to anticipate their habitual shots and repetitive play patterns because you studied the written record of that last match. They will suddenly look back halfway through the match and wonder what happened! You will definitely not be the same player they remembered from that previous tournament.

 Just paying lip service to charting match play point-by-point will never achieve that competitive edge you are seeking. Get coaches, parents, siblings, teammates, girlfriends, boyfriends, other players – people you can trust to chart your matches completely with a scorebook from Be consistent to regularly record your tournaments and have a plan to really look at the results. Use them to formulate practice drills and new play strategies that will improve your tournament outcomes.

 Don’t be the competitor that just shows up to hit the ball reflexively without any pre-match preparation or play strategy.  Being diligent to do your tennis charting “homework” will almost certainly earn you a higher “grade” in tournament success! Test Result A

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