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Dr. Don Ashburn,

  • Dr. Don Ashburn has created several unique resources that allow players, coaches, teaching pros and parents to effectively communicate about individual tournament match play through detailed charting.


  • Dr. Ashburn’s line of scoring and organizing books include Tournament Player, School, College, College Coach & Professional Editions specifically designed to analyze the performance of these individual competitive players and their opponents.


  • Dr. Ashburn draws on many years of tennis experience with his own junior players and family members involved in college, high school & tournament competition and coaching, and  has now focused on developing tools that maximize competition enjoyment and success!


  • His successful career as a sole proprietor Dentist also provides a wealth of entrepeneurial business experience to help others promote their programs in their own fields of endeavor. books, first published in 2010 and already distributed worldwide, reflect Dr. Ashburn’s passion for tennis and have helped  multiple parents and players, coaches, academies, schools, and clubs manage and organize their players’ road to attain their tennis and life goals. 


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