TTO: Organizer Features

Cover Bulldogs College Edition (line margins) Scorebooks                      88-page, 8.5″x11″, spiral bound books containing the following sections:

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 Tournament Results:  a tournament summary for easy reference.

 Tournament Planner:  manages entry information to ensure the achievement of competition goals.

 Calendar & Training Diary:  records future tournament dates and daily training efforts. (52-week open date format)

 Scouting Report:  index of opponents with scouting notes helps players develop winning game strategies.

 Tennis Score Sheets:  60 sets of point-by-point charting, up to 720 games – shot statistics, notes, & extensive match information.

 Tennis Notes:  for comprehensive narratives, journaling, or additional training diary entries.

 Contact List:  player contact info. for practice, warm-ups, or doubles play.

 Expense Summary:  table of tournament and travel expenses.

 Folder Pocketplace to keep draw sheets, receipts, etc.

 Pre-Match Checklist never forget anything again when you pack! becomes the preferred method of communication between a player & pro. Players are encouraged by their strengths & areas needing improvement are noted for concise instruction – success will follow!




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