TTO: Score Sheets

Web Scoring Example contains 60 set scoring pages to chart up to 720 games point-by-point! Each score sheet section records the final shot that determines how each point in a game is won or lost.

Short acronyms of single or multiple letters describe the type and success of each shot.  This data is recorded in an intuitive & powerful new tennis scoring system the real core of Basic shot abbreviations are summarized in the Points Key & Statistics box and a fully completed Set Scoring Example page is also included.

(Click the blue titles above & below to see snapshots of each TTO page.)

Here are some suggested abbreviations for forehands:
F            Forehand Winner
FC         FH Crosscourt
FA         FH Approach
FR         FH Return
FN         FH Netted
FRL       FH Return Long
UF         Unforced Error FH
Or you can be very detailed with something like…

UFCW   Unforced Error FH Crosscourt Wide

These acronyms can be simple or detailed and easily modified for any strokeforehand, backhand, serve, volley, return, etc.

Deuce, advantage, and tiebreak points are registered by marking the numbered box corresponding to the point played. Draw a dot in the upper right hand corner of these smaller boxes to indicate a second serve.
Tip: To track the sequencing of points, write the number corresponding to each shot in the lower right corner of that scorebox.

Simply tally each scoring item in the Points Key & Statistics box for post match review & analysis.

The information gathered will provide valuable insight into your player’s performance – and that of their opponent as well.

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